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Estate Planning

The first step is making the appointment. From there, our lawyers will lead a discussion to help you examine your personal and financial situation, and help you understand the purpose and importance of having an estate plan and the documentation to support it.

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By creating an enduring POA you can choose who you want to make decisions for you when you cannot make them yourself.

A power of attorney ends when you die. If you want to deal with how your property will be dealt with after your death you would have to create a Will.

A lawyer can help ensure that you understand the effect of a power of attorney and help you consider what powers to include. They can also ensure that certain safeguards are in place.

Give Power of Attorney

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A Will is a document that you can use to leave all things that you own to whoever you choose. There are some very specific exceptions to this that can override your decisions about who should get what.


A Will is also an opportunity to appoint someone to be in charge of distributing your estate.

A lawyer can help protect your interests and ensure that the requirements for a valid Will are met, the Will states your intentions clearly and you get advice about the contents of the Will and general estate planning

Make a Will

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Have an Estate Plan

It is important to have a basic understanding of how your assets are distributed after your death, regardless of your age or circumstances. 


Engaging in Estate Planning allows you to control who has the ability to handle your affairs, and who benefits from your Estate if you lose mental capacity or if you die.


Estate Planning needs to be done in advance of any accident or health issue that could result in your loss of mental capacity.


A person needs a guardian if he or she lacks capacity to make reasonable financial or personal decisions.

If an individual has not appointment a personal or property attorney in a signed Power of Attorney document, a guardianship application may be required.

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